about amanda

Growing up I never imagined becoming a runner. Nor did I envision myself a writer. Today I am passionate about both and am fortunate to frequently marry the two through my articles on health and fitness. 

Nothing gets me more excited than stumbling onto a great story line and then following it down a rabbit hole. I love interviewing experts, reviewing the latest research, and turning it all into an article worth sharing with the world. Now more than ever, quality journalism counts and I strive to deliver that to every editor with whom I am privileged to work.

I’m a mom of two, active community member and fan of good story telling. I love to curl up with a book and keep active subscriptions to quality newspapers and magazines. I also know that my best story ideas happen while in motion and in nature, which is why you’ll frequently find me outside my four walls.

I've tackled 15 marathons, an Ironman triathlon and hundreds of other races over the years. You learn a thing or two about commitment and work ethic when getting to the finish line and I bring that to the table when working with clients.